Read Posts – NewzToolz

This window opens up when you click on a post on the NewzToolz Reader.

A newsgroup post consists of a set of “headers” and a “body”. If you post a message “Hello World” with a subject of “Hello”, then “Hello World” is the body of the post. Your “Hello” subject is one of the headers. There will be more headers, such as who the post is from, the date it was posted, etc.

When you look at the list on the Reader, you are seeing a listing of the headers that belong to the posts in the newsgroup, some of which are grouped into files. NewzToolz does not automatically download the bodies since they can be very large. So, to see the body, (“read” the post) you click on a post, NewzToolz downloads the body, and then displays it in the Read Post window. Watch the bottom of the window where the program will keep you informed of the download progress.

At the top of the Read Post window, you will see the Subject and From headers. If you are curious and want to see all the headers, click the Headers button. That will open the Headers window. There can be many different headers, some added by the poster, and some added by his news server.

We have discussed the headers and the body of a post, but you may be wondering about “attachments.” In reality, there is no such thing as an attachment. If the post contains a file, such as a JPEG, then the file will reside within the body. And since newsgroups are text-based, the JPEG must first be converted to letters and numbers. This may sound crazy, but the Usenet newsgroup system was designed long before the internet was invented, and nobody back then envisioned that people would be using it to send files. So, that is why you have to be aware of buzzwords such as yEnc, UU-Encode, and Base-64 which are all methods for translating bytes into letters and then back. Which method is used is determined by the poster and his posting program.

So, if you are looking at the Body window for a post which contains a JPEG file encoded with yEnc, you will see something like this:

=ybegin part=1 line=128 size=932 name=some_picture.jpg
=ypart begin=1 end=932

--Snipped by NewzToolz--
--To see all of this post, close this window, raise your
size limit, and then re-open this post.--

NewzToolz will automatically detect this as a file, decode it back into its original form and display it in the PixPlayer if it is a picture. This type of post is usually very large, and it is a waste of time to load it into the Read Post window since it looks like a meaningless jumble anyway. So, NewzToolz only shows you the first few lines of the body as the poster may type a short message there. You can control how many lines of large posts are displayed by going onto the “Setup” menu, then to “Settings”, and then to the “Read” tab where you will find the “Limit Large Posts” controls.

The “Reply” button will open the “Send Post” window where you can type a reply to whoever made the post. You can also use the Reply button to make a new post to the newsgroup by simply erasing the subject and body that are automatically filled in.