Pix Player – NewzToolz

To open Pix Player, click the Newsgroups tab on the main NewzToolz window and then click the Pix Player button.

Purpose: This window is for reviewing and sorting pictures that you download from newsgroups using programs like JpegJet. This window can also play a slide show with your pictures.


Preset Buttons – At the bottom of the window you will see a row of five “preset” buttons, which function like buttons on a radio. Instead of radio stations, you set these buttons to point to folders that contain pictures. When you click on a preset, you get a menu with four options:

  1. Load – This loads the files from the folder into the list at the left. It doesn’t work until you first use the Modify option to assign a folder to the preset.
  2. Set as Move Folder – One of your buttons can be assigned to the “Move” folder. This is for when you are sorting files. When you click the Move button, or press the “M” key, the picture being displayed will be moved to this folder. Any folder can be the “move” folder.
  3. Modify – This option will open a window where you can select a folder to assign to the button. You need to do this before the other options will work.
  4. Open Folder on Desktop – Pix Player allows you to view and manipulate your picture files without using your desktop. However, there are times when you will want to look in the folder directly, and this option will open the folder assigned to the button on your desktop.

Moving Files – There are four ways to move files:

  1. Drag-and-drop the picture onto a preset button.
  2. Click the “Move” button, which will move the picture to the “Move Folder” – see above.
  3. Press the “M” key.
  4. You can move several pictures at once. First select them in the list using the normal selection methods. Then drag-and-drop to a preset button the text below the list where it shows the number of files. For example, if you have 137 files in the list, the text below will show “137 files.” That is what you drag.

If a file with the same name already exists in the folder you are trying to move the current file to, NewzToolz will beep at you and not over-write the file. Though it will only do this while moving one file. When you are moving many files, it will not beep, but it will not move the file.

Open Button – In addition to using the preset buttons to list files, you can use the Open button to select any folder on your system. Once the files are listed, they are handled the same way as files loaded via a preset. They can be viewed, moved, deleted, etc.

Play Button – This button starts the slide show, which will play the pictures you currently have loaded into the list. Click anywhere on the screen to bring the controls back. Press any key to pause the slide show. Press any key to start it again. While the slide show is playing, the normal key commands do not function.

Speed Button – This button opens the Set Speed window where you can tell NewzToolz how fast to play the slide show.

Move Button – This button will move the file(s) selected in the list to the preset button that is designated the “Move Folder.” (see above)

Delete Button – This button will move to the trash the file(s) that is(are) selected in the list.

Hide Button – This button hides the controls and expands the picture area to fill your screen. Click anywhere to get the controls back.

Keyboard Commands – While the slide show is not playing, the following keyboard commands are available:

  1. N – Moves to the next picture in the list, the same as the down-arrow key.
  2. P – Moves to the previous picture in the list, the same as the up-arrow key.
  3. T – Moves to the picture at the top of the list.
  4. B – Moves to the picture at the bottom of the list.
  5. M – Moves the current picture to the “Move Folder”, the same as clicking the Move button.
  6. D – Moves the current picture to the trash, the same as clicking the Delete button.

The Window Splitter – This is the small rectangle to the right of the list near the top. If you drag it to the right or left, you can expand or contract the width of the list. You may want to do this to see long filenames.