Free Usenet News Server

Question: Where can I find a free Usenet “news” server?

Answer: Usenet “news” servers are very expensive to operate. Any Usenet server that carries the binary groups must handle an absolutely insane volume of traffic every day. And that volume grows, and grows and grows. (See this Usenet traffic chart). So not only must the server employ the latest and greatest computer-, disk storage-, and network technology, but it must be constantly updated with the newest stuff, which is not cheap.

And Usenet servers are not like web sites that can just be slapped together by anybody. You need hard-core nerds to build and maintain them, and these guys do not come cheap. From time-to-time, somebody will set up a free server, but they never last. The effort and expense quickly overwhelm the good Samaritans and they eventually shut the server down.

The only “free” server you are ever likely to find is the one that your ISP provides. So call your ISP and ask them how to access the Usenet server. They must give you a URL, and if needed, a username and password. Many American ISP’s non longer have Usenet servers, and most that do operate minimalist servers to keep their expenses down. So, if you are not satisfied with what your ISP offers, subscribe to a premium Usenet service such as Easynews, which you will be able to access it from your current ISP.