NZBPlanet – How to Download Files does not host any files. Rather, it lists files that are stored in Usenet newsgroups. Think of NZBPlanet as the card catalog, and Usenet as the library. So, when you search for something on NZBPlanet, you get an NZB file which is a list of links to files on Usenet.

Therefore, in order to use NZBPlanet fully, you need to also have an NZB downloader app like Super-NZB, and an account with a Usenet newsgroup provider like Easynews. Let’s look at an example. This process is identical on Windows and the Mac:

In the screenshot below, you can see (at point 1) that we searched for some coverage of the 2012 Presidential Election in the USA (click picture to enlarge):

Download from NZBPlanet

The search brought up one file. We can download the NZB file by clicking on the green NZB icon (at point 2). The listing says that the video file is 13.58gb, but here we are only downloading the NZB file which is a much smaller text file. So, select the “Save” option and download the NZB to your hard drive:

Save NZB file from NZBPlanet

Now that you have the NZB file, you are done with NZBPlanet. The next step is to import the NZB into your NZB client software. So, go over to the Super-NZB page and follow the instructions there.

Also, notice the orange icon in the screenshots above. That’s an RSS link. If you click it, you will go to NZBPlanet’s RSS page. NZB RSS downloading is very advanced, but keep it in mind for after you get the hang of NZB downloading.