NZB Site Guide

What is an NZB Site? – An NZB site monitors Usenet newsgroups and allows you to search for files and then download NZB files. Then you feed the NZB file into an NZB “client” program like SuperNZB which will connect to your ISP’s Usenet “news” server and download the files that you initially searched for.

Why do I need an NZB Site? – Because they save you time. Many newsgroups have zillions of files and it takes a long time to search through them with a traditional newsreader program.


Easynews has a search feature that is far more advanced than any of the sites listed below. You will be able to find files that the other sites don’t even know exist, and even see samples of video, audio, and images to make sure you found the right file. After doing your search, you can download an NZB file, or download the files directly from their web page because Easynews is also a Usenet service. is a free site, however all the listings are generated by an automated process. There are no editors to provide user-friendly titles for files, and no commentary by users on the quality of the files. Newbies will find this site difficult to use.

NZB Planet

NZB Planet has been in business for many years, and is an excellent & reliable NZB site. In contrast to sites like Binsearch, NZB Planet’s listings are curated, so it is very rare to get a bad NZB file from the site. They also have an excellent RSS feed that can be used to automate your downloading. The site is not free, but is very low-cost and well worth the money.

Note invented the NZB format and was the premier NZB site until they were forced to close down due to legal issues. To learn more, see Wikipedia’s NewzBin page.