How to Download Files from is a Usenet indexing site with a confusing user interface. This page will show you how to download the files that you find on step-by-step. (Note: this tutorial was done on Windows, however the steps are the same on the Mac).

Step 1 – Usenet Access is an indexing site, so in order to download the files that you find there, you must have access to Usenet. In the old days, every ISP offered free Usenet access, but many in the USA no longer do so. So check with your ISP, and if they don’t have a Usenet server you will need to sign up with an independent Usenet company like Easynews.

Step 2 – Search & Download NZB File
In the picture below, we see the results for a search on the freeware Ubuntu operating system (click picture to enlarge):

Click the icon circled in red to download the NZB file.

Step 3 – Download the NZB File – Again!
At this point, most indexing sites would just download the NZB file. But badgers us with another screen:

There is no need to throw the guts of the NZB file in our face, and many users will be totally baffled by this screen. But all that you need to do is click the “Save NZB File” button in the lower left corner.

Step 4 – Load the NZB File into an NZB Downloader Program
Now we need to import the NZB file that we downloaded in Step 3 into NZB downloader software like SuperNZB. The screenshot below shows three steps: 1) Click the “Import” button on SuperNZB’s Queue window. 2) Find and select the NZB file. 3) Click the Open button.

Step 5 – Download
After importing the NZB file, SuperNZB shows us the list of files contained within the NZB. In this case, it is a set of RAR files. Now, we begin to download by clicking the Start button:

Step 6 – Use Our File
When it is done downloading, SuperNZB will verify the RAR archive, and then extract the file within. In this case, we got an ISO file ready to burn to a CD:

Of course, and NZB can contain any kind of file. To learn more, go to “Learn to Download NZB Files.”