What is My IP Address?

Your IP Address is:


How do we know your IP address? When you click a link that leads to this page, your browser sends your IP address to our server. If it did not, our server would not know which computer to send this page to.

If you log off of your ISP, and log back on, click “Refresh” to see the new IP address they have assigned to you. If you want to conceal your IP address, you can subscribe to a Virtual Private Network service.

Note: Sometimes your browser will cache pages such that you won’t see your new IP address after refreshing this page. Sometimes even a “force refresh” won’t work. In that case, copy the URL from this page into a different browser; then you should see your new IP address. Even that might not work on Windows 10, which seems to be very buggy when it comes to browser caching, but there is one more thing that you can try. Go up to the URL bar in your browser and tack this onto the end of this page’s URL: ?test=1. That passes a parameter to our server, which will just ignore it. However, it should be enough to fool Windows 10 into thinking that your are requesting a new page that is not in the browser cache.