DupeNuker – Detect and Delete Duplicate Files

DupeNuker uses the CRC32 algorithm to create very small “fingerprints” that identify a file. The purpose of this is to automatically identify duplicate files and delete them. What makes DupeNuker unique is that you don’t need to have the original files in order to detect duplicates. This method is ideal for removing spam from files that you download from Usenet newsgroups. Even after you throw away the files, DupeNuker keeps their fingerprints in its database, and if you download them again, it will identify them and delete them.

Download for Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP)
Download for Mac OS X

Spammers morph everything about their Usenet posts: especially their email addresses, subjects, and filenames, so that it is impossible to avoid downloading their files. But with DupeNuker, you won’t have to sort them out manually. If you use NewzScape or JpegJet with DupeNuker, you won’t even have to see them! DupeNuker is built into both programs, however you can use DupeNuker with any Usenet-downloading program or simply to look for duplicate files in your collection.

Be sure to read the Help Page to learn how to use DupeNuker with NewzScape, JpegJet, or any other downloading program.

In the screenshot below, you can see that a batch of files was loaded, and checked for duplicates. In the 191 files, DupeNuker found five duplicates, one of which is shown. You can display files in DupeNuker to make sure they are duplicates, and then delete them from your hard disk. The Windows version is shown here, however the Mac version is identical (click picture to enlarge):

Delete duplicate files with DupeNuker