Usenet Port & SSL Settings

When connecting to a Usenet server, you often have a choice of ports.

Port 119 is the standard port, though your Usenet service provider (USP) can change this. If port 119 doesn’t work, you must ask your USP which one to use instead. Port 563 is the standard port for SSL connections. USPs often have additional ports available in case your ISP is throttling traffic on the standard ports. So, check into that if you feel that your downloads aren’t going fast enough.

If your server supports SSL, you can turn this setting on to encrypt all of your traffic to and from the server. If you don’t know what version of SSL that your server is running, use the “v2 or 3” option. Don’t turn on SSL for port 119; that is unlikely to work, and port 563 is unlikely to work if you have SSL turned off. In other words, your port and SSL settings go hand-in-hand and must match.

SSL was added in:

  • SuperNZB v4.0.0
  • ezNZB v3.0.0
  • NewzScape v1.3.0
  • ezGroups v5.0.0
  • unPoster v2.2.0