Usenet Message-Headers – NewzToolz

This window is opened by clicking the Headers button on the NewzToolz Read Post window.

Here you can see the Usenet “message headers” of the post currently being displayed on the Read Post window. This is a power-user feature, however even if you don’t understand everything you see in the message-headers you can often identify something useful.

There is no limit to the information that can appear here. The poster can add many extra message-headers to his post, and the posting server will add some data. Other servers that the post travels through will also add data. For example: if you read the “Path header” from right-to-left, you can see the path the post took through Usenet to arrive on your Usenet server.

If you don’t understand a header, do a Google search on it and you will be able to find an explanation. For example, Google: “Usenet path header”.