What is My IP Address?

Your IP Address is:


How do we know your IP address? When you click a link that leads to this page, your browser sends your IP address to our server. If it did not, our server would not know which computer to send this page to.

If you log off of your ISP, and log back on, click “Refresh” to see the new IP address they have assigned to you. If you want to conceal your IP address, you can subscribe to a Virtual Private Network service.

Note: Sometimes your browser will cache pages such that you won’t see your new IP address after refreshing this page. Sometimes even a “force refresh” won’t work. In that case, copy the URL from this page into a different browser; then you should see your new IP address. Even that might not work on Windows 10, which seems to be very buggy when it comes to browser caching, but there is one more thing that you can try. Go up to the URL bar in your browser and tack this onto the end of this page’s URL: ?test=1. That passes a parameter to our server, which will just ignore it. However, it should be enough to fool Windows 10 into thinking that your are requesting a new page that is not in the browser cache.

20 Responses to “What is My IP Address?”

  1. k says:


    You told me my ip is currently I just google searched my ip and it gave me a completely different number. Why did this occur?

    • Matt says:

      What phrase did you search on?

      • Mike says:

        Hi, there is a site I’ve been getting work on for the last 2 years using Tor and VPN. But of late, I think they are using a software to determine if people are using Tor or VPN and if you are they deny you access. what other recommendations can you give me?

  2. chamnabmey says:

    Hello Web master i have one question. so please kindly reply when you see.

    i have order VPN service and i start change country.

    when i go to http://www.ipaddress.com i see that ip address is locate in like USA. and when i load

    i see my Real IPddress. so does this reason can google track my real IP?

    best regards.

  3. net_ says:

    Yeah, I can confirm that this site displays a different IP and it’s always the same even after I turned my VPN on and changed to few different locations.

  4. Sandipan says:

    how can any website recognized that how many account i’ve created on his site..? and how to avoid this?

  5. steve says:

    Hi I work for a German company and based in the UK. our internet is provided by Germany. would this make it more difficult for say the likes of ebay to track my isp?

  6. so.. says:

    Wrong IP given to me, all other sites I have tested shows me something different but the same among them.

    • Matt says:

      Your browser is probably caching the page. Try a “force refresh” on it. For example, in Firefox that would be CTRL-F5.

  7. Bill Johnston says:

    I want my IP address to be as anonymous as possible. I am not using VPN. I use a cable TV service for modem access to the internet. I also use a basic home router in my home. I have done research online and certain technical websites claim that if I turn off my modem and turn it back on, I get a new IP address assigned. This is not the case because my IP address remains the same.

    The reason I am concerned about this proble, is because every time I try to register an account on the dating site: http://www.plentyoffish.com my account is deleted and not found the next time I try to log back into POF. Each time this happens I am 100% sure that I am using the correct user name and password to log in.

    I am wondering is it possible that POF for some unknown reason is not allowing me to use their web site, based on my IP address?

    Any help or advice on this problem would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Bill Johnston

    • Matt says:

      If you turn off your modem and turn it back on, your ISP will assign you another one from the pool. However, since your IP gets tossed back into the pool when you sign off, it could very well be assigned right back to you. So, if you try a few more times, you will likely get a new IP. If not, then call your ISP and ask them if they have assigned you a “static IP” and if so, ask them if they can turn it off. A static IP is usually a special feature.

      POF might be blocking your IP – perhaps for a rule violation. The only way to know for sure is to ask them.

  8. banta says:

    My IP shown in this website is completely different that what is shown on Google. I am sure this website is broken!

    • Matt says:

      You were right. My hosting company moved the server behind a proxy server. So, it was giving the IP address of the proxy server instead of the user’s computer.

      In case anybody is wondering, for the header, you have to use HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR instead of the usual REMOTE_ADDR in your code. The header names are the same in both PHP and Perl.

  9. Steven v says:

    You seem very educated about ips. 4 or 5 yrs ago I notice a IP address. So I notice that it changes 4,5 or more a single use. Turned airplane mode on and phone tells me
    radio off. Data back on and it says data and voice service are n service. Phone constantly hot and many files from Dec 1969.
    Location of IP says I’m n Georgia,Sc,NC, Virginia, a prison, an even the middle of a lake. Still not knowing what my IP is. Hacked or tapped. Web pages also going to everywhere else but where I want to be. Who can tell if an IP belongs to who and the external IP comes n place and every app already giving me different ips how exactly can you prove that IP actually associates w u. I guess I’m asking if you were hacked or tapped how could you tell if you are seeing real internet or just what some 1 wants u to c. Not ever actually knowing if u was on a specific website or not. Whether u sent information and expect answers and u not knowing if they received your information

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