WatchFast’s Pop-Up Menu Commands

These options can be found by right-clicking on a file in the list on the Player window.

We will only discuss the non-obvious commands here.

Open on Desktop – This command will ask your computer’s operating system to open the file, and it will use what it thinks is the appropriate program. This is a handy feature if you have a file that WatchFast cannot display. Don’t use this command on unknown applications or other executable files.

Calculate CRC – This command will apply the CRC32 algorithm to the selected file, and open a window showing you the calculation. If two files produce the same CRC32 calculation, then that means they are identical.

Get Headers from NewzScape – If you use NewzScape to download files, you can see where they came from with this command. When you first use this command, WatchFast will open a window with instructions.