WatchFast’s Playlist Feature

Location in WatchFast: File Menu -> Playlist Setup

When using WatchFast as a slide-show player, playlists allow you to script which files you want to play. You can also specify which parts of video files you want to play. For example, if you have a long video, but you only want a 60-second clip to play, you can tell WatchFast where to start and stop, etc.

To get started on the Playlist Setup window, click the New Playlist button, type in the desired name, and click Save. Next, you drag-and-drop files from anywhere on your computer onto the list below where it says: “Files in the selected Playlist.” You can rearrange the order of the files by dragging-and-dropping them to a new location in the list. If you do so, make sure to click the Save Order button.

The Playpoints area in the lower-right corner of the window is where you can tell WatchFast to start-and-stop in the case of a video or audio file, and repeat in the case of a picture file. You do that by adding a playpoint(s) to the file.

For a picture, only the repeat-count makes sense. If you set it to 5, when WatchFast gets to that picture during the slide-show, it will keep the picture on the screen five times longer than it normally would. WatchFast will only look at the repeat-count on the first playpoint for picture files. If you add more playpoints, they will be ignored.

For a video or audio file, you can create as many playpoints as you want and WatchFast will jump to each one as it plays the file during a slide show. For example, you can create a playpoint that starts at 63 seconds, stops at 75 seconds, and repeats three times. Then you can create another one that starts at 105 seconds, stops at 135 seconds and repeats ten times. WatchFast does not verify that you have not entered a start or stop value that is beyond the length of the file, so make sure you know how long it is before creating playpoints.

Once you have created a Playlist, you can load it into any Player window via the Commands menu.