The WatchFast Player

The Player is the heart of WatchFast.

  1. You can make as many Players as you want with the “Make New Player” command on the “Players” menu.
  2. Use the “Save Configuration” command on the “File” menu to have WatchFast remember which players to use.
  3. Make sure to check out the “Play List Setup” feature on the “File” menu.
  4. You can drag-and-drop a file from one player onto a preset button of another player to move it there.
  5. To drag more than one file at a time, select them in the list, and then drag the text below the list where it says for example “32 files”, and drop it on a preset button.
  6. One of the Preset buttons at the bottom of the player is designated as the “Move” button. It’s name is shown in bold italics. When you click the “Move” button or press the “M” key, the file(s) selected in the list will be moved to that preset’s folder. You can change the move button by using the command on the right-click menu of the desired preset.
  7. Look to the right of the list of files, about halfway down; that little thing is the sizer. If you drag that to the right, you can enlarge the list.
  8. The “Flag” button (and the “F” key) change the color of a file’s name to red, and is used in conjunction with the options on the “Flagged” pop-up menu. This feature is intended for when you are looking through a large batch of new files. You flag the ones you don’t want to keep, and then get rid of them in one shot. For top speed, press the “F” key on files you don’t want, then the “N” key to move past a file that you do want to keep, and if you go too fast, press the “P” key to back up to the previous file.
  9. If you turn on the “Fast Load” option in the program settings (not the player settings), WatchFast will not take the time to figure out if it can display all the files in the folder it is loading. It will just load them all. If you click on such a file in the list, WatchFast will just beep. However, you will be able to use the commands on the pop-up menu if you right-click on it.