WatchFast’s Miscellaneous Settings

Location in WatchFast: Settings button on the Player -> Misc tab.

Random Player – Instead of going in order during a slideshow, WatchFast will select files at random. It will also not play the same file twice in a row; it will just keep randomly picking files until it gets a different one. This feature also works while playing the files of a play-list. WatchFast will only load the files randomly; it will respect your “play points”.

Play Full Screen – When this option is on, WatchFast will make the player window fill your entire screen after you click the Play button. Clicking anywhere on the window will re-size it back down.

Automatically Play Movies/MP3s – When you click on a movie file in the list, WatchFast will automatically start playing it when this option is on. This is only for when you are not playing a slideshow.

Jump to Middle of Movies/MP3s – This feature is intended for when you are working with a large number of movies or MP3s. As you click on each one, WatchFast will jump to the middle of the file and will start playing it if you also have the above option on. This allows for the most-rapid identification of files for when you don’t recognize them by name, such as when you have just downloaded a lot of files and are sorting through them.