Getting Headers from NewzScape with WatchFast

Location in WatchFast: Select a file in the list on the Player and right-click.

If you use NewzScape to download files from newsgroups, you can use this feature to find out who posted the file, what newsgroup it came from, etc.

You need to have NewzScape’s “history” feature turned on for this feature to work. As NewzScape downloads, it will make a record of each file in its history database. WatchFast will look up the filename you select in that database, and if it finds it, it will show you the headers from the original post.

Of course, this will only work for files that NewzScape downloads after you turn on the history feature.

So, the procedure goes like this: you download files using NewzScape. Then you sort through them with WatchFast. If you want more information about a file that you are viewing in WatchFast, you right-click on it in the list of files on the Player window, and select “Get headers from NewzScape”. WatchFast then takes the filename and sees if it is present in the NewzScape database, and if so, shows you the headers that NewzScape saved when it downloaded the file.

To get this feature working, you must also tell WatchFast where your NewzScape.sdb database file is. On the Macintosh, it is easy. The file is in the same folder as the NewzScape program. Windows makes your life much more difficult, but you can go onto NewzScape’s “Help” menu and use the “Open App Data Folder” command to find the right folder. Then right-click on the NewzScape.sdb file, open the properties, and look at the location. That’s where you need to navigate to when you point WatchFast at the database file. You can also drag-and-drop the file from your desktop onto WatchFast’s “Locate…” button.