unPoster – Setup Newsgroups

Location in the unPoster: Setup Menu –> Groups

The select button next to “Group Name” will open the newsgroups list where you can download the list of groups from your Usenet server. From there, you can drag-and-drop newsgroups onto the list here, or into the Group Name box.

Each newsgroup has a database file where the files you see on the Lister are stored. The Watcher will create that file the first time it analyzes the newsgroup. If you then change the database location or filename after that, the Watcher would create a new blank file the next time it analyzes it. Normally, you wouldn’t want to re-analyze the entire group, so if you want to change the database’s name or location, you should move, and/or rename it on your desktop before running the Watcher.

The Make button next to the Name box will copy the word after the last dot of the Group Name.

The Make button next to the Database Filename box will fill in the Server name, a dash, and the newsgroup name.

The Starting Point button opens the Starting Point window where you can tell the Watcher where to begin analyzing the newsgroup.