unPoster – Incomplete Files

Because of incomplete propagation, expiration, or poster errors, all the posts for a file are not always available on your Usenet server. However such posts may still be usable in two cases:

Case One – The file is a non-sensative file format such as MPEG. For example, if an MPEG is posted in ten parts, and you only have the first nine, you can paste the nine parts together and have a playable file. It will stop abruptly near the end, but you will still have something. If you are downloading a video game, then there is practically no chance that the file will be usable unless you have every single part.

Case TwoPAR files are available – The un-PARing process can use data from partially-completed files.

If you download incomplete files, you can have The unPoster assemble whatever parts it can find. The option for this is located at:

Setup Menu –> Settings –> Incomplete Files

Turn this option on if you are not going to look for the remaining parts on another server. The parts will be glued together and decoded just like complete files are handled. If you will be looking for the parts elsewhere, or you just want to assemble them yourself, turn this option off. The part files will be left in the Parts folder.

You can manually combine and decode files with our free NewzToolz program.