unPoster – The Headers Setting

Location in the unPoster: Setup Menu –> Settings –> Watcher 1

The unPoster uses the NNTP Xover command to retrieve message-headers from your Usenet server. It then analyzes the headers to see what files are present and creates the list of files that you see in the Lister. In general, the more headers you analyze at once, the more efficient the Watcher is.

If you want the Watcher to run as fast as possible, set this number higher; perhaps to 10,000. However, since the Watcher updates the list of files on the Lister, it will lock the controls on the Lister while it is analyzing the same newsgroup. So, if you like to use the Lister on the same newsgroup that the Watcher is analyzing, use a number for this setting that doesn’t annoy you. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, Usenet server, and computer, a setting of 3,000 might allow you to reload the Lister and scroll through the new files while the Watcher locks the controls. While the Watcher is downloading headers, you can use the Lister to start a download, clear files, etc.