SuperNZB – Technical Specifications

SuperNZB can download from any number of Usenet news servers using any number of connections. Practically, you only need access to two good servers that allow a few connections each to guarantee that you get all posts at maximum speed. But if you have access to 100 crappy servers, you can do that too.

SuperNZB has very polished error-handling code that competing programs lack. This is what separates the men from the boys in this kind of software. Usenet servers often go off-line, need to be rebooted, get overloaded, etc. SuperNZB knows this and will continually try to reconnect a failed connection. So, another program may look similar, but when things get ugly SuperNZB will always get the job done, and do it faster. It will never sit there looking confused just because a server failed to respond to one of its requests.

You can load as many NZB files as you like into SuperNZB’s download Queue.

You can stop and start SuperNZB as much as you need to. When you re-start the program, it will look in the Parts and Downloads folders to see what is already done, and pick up from there. If you are not going to finish downloading everything in one session, make sure to leave completed files in the Downloads folders so that SuperNZB won’t download them again the next time you start it up. Or, if you need to move them, use the Clear button on the Queue window to remove them from the list.

SuperNZB supports SSL versions 1, 2, and 3. It has a “2 or 3” setting for cases where you don’t know what version your Usenet server is running. In that situation, it will try to connect with version 3, and if that fails it will try again with version 2.

SuperNZB will automatically combine and decode posts encoded with yEnc, UU, or BASE-64.

SuperNZB has automatic RAR and PAR processing built in.

SuperNZB has a checking feature that will ask your Usenet server if it has all the files before you attempt to download them. This will save you from wasting time trying to download files that are not completely available. SuperNZB was the first NZB client program to have this feature.

SuperNZB can handle the filename obfuscation that posters began using in early 2013.