SuperNZB – SFV Checker

To open SuperNZB’s SFV File Checker, go to:

File Menu > Open SFV File Checker

SFV files are used to make sure that files are downloaded without damage. Power users usually use PAR files, but there are still a lot of people who use SFVs.

If your NZB file contains an SFV file, open the “SFV File Checker” when the downloading is done. Use the “Select SFV File” button to open the SFV. SuperNZB will then read the CRC-32 checksums out of the file, and list them next to each filename. It will then open each file and calculate its own CRC-32 checksum for each file and list them next to the checksums from the SFV. The two should match.

If the checksums do not match for a file, you can try downloading the file again. If they still don’t match, then it is likely that the data is bad on the server. In that case, all you can do is ask the poster to post it again, and maybe convince him to learn how to make PAR files.

Even with a bad CRC-32 checksum, it is possible that the file will be perfectly usable. For example, a video file might have a spot of damage that only shows up as a small blur for a second – something you may not even be able to spot. A bad checksum means the file is not identical; it doesn’t give you any indication how extensive the damage is.

If SuperNZB can’t find the files based on the filenames listed in the SFV, it will put “No File” in the second column of the list. However, you can still get it to work by dragging the file from your Downloads folder and dropping it onto the matching line in the list.

More info on SFV files.