SuperNZB – Queue Window

SuperNZB’s Queue window can be opened from the File Menu.

The Queue window shows the list of files that you have imported from an NZB file(s) via the Import button. You can import many NZB files before starting to download.

The Clear button will remove the selected files from the list. You may want to do this if you have already downloaded the files in a previous session. You can also clear files by pressing the Delete key. This does not delete any files on your hard drive; just their names in the list.

The Clear All button removes all files from the list, which you will want to do when everything is downloaded and you are ready to import another NZB file.

Use the Import button to import NZB files. You can also drag-and-drop NZB files from your desktop onto this button. The Import Many button will open a window where you can import large numbers of NZB files.

The bar near the bottom of the window shows the downloading progress. When it is half-way, that means that half of the files in the list are done, etc.

The Total Parts column is the number of posts that comprise the file. As the Downloader works, it will update the Parts Done column. When all of the parts are downloaded, the Decoder will finish the file and put the word “Yes” into the “Done?” column. If you need to quit the program before everything is downloaded, SuperNZB will re-populate all of these columns when it starts up again by looking in the Parts and Downloads folders and seeing what files are there.

If the Downloader has trouble with a file, it will update the Error column. You can get many errors on one file before the Downloader manages to finish it. These are server errors and indicate a glitch with the server. They don’t have anything to do with errors in the file.

The Notes column may contain various messages from time-to-time.

The Groups column shows the newsgroup(s) to which the file was posted. This is important because your Usenet server may not carry the group. If that is the case, ask your ISP to add it, which is not usually a big deal for them. More than one newsgroup in this column means that the file was “cross-posted” to all the groups. If you wanted to use another program, such as the unPoster or NewzScape, to do some or all of the downloading, set it to one of these newsgroups.

The “NZB File” column shows the name of the file that was imported. If you have imported more than one file and then re-sorted the list to examine the files in different lights, you will probably want to sort it by “NZB File” before you start downloading so that you get the files in a logical order.

The Downloader will disable the Queue window when you click the Start button, and then re-enable it when it finishes or when you click Stop.

Before you start downloading, you can arrange files in the list to your liking by clicking the column headers to sort the list. You can also move files by dragging-and-dropping them within the list. If you do this, you will probably want to use the “Save Order of Files in Queue” command on the Commands menu so that the order will be restored if you need to stop and then re-start the program. If you want to delay downloading some files, you can move them to the Hold window.

The Adjust button lets you rename files, though the program will almost always change the name of the file once it has downloaded it.