SuperNZB – PAR Job Manager

SupeNZB’s PAR Job Manager can be opened via the File Menu.

Purpose: To automatically handle more than one PAR set.

SuperNZB’s default mode is to start unPARing with the first PAR file it finds once all files have been downloaded. This is fine in most cases since NZBs usually only have one PAR set each. But sometimes an NZB will contain more than one PAR set, or you may want to load up SuperNZB with several NZBs. In that case, SuperNZB would run the first PAR set, and leave the rest for you to handle manually.

With the Par Job Manager, you can tell SuperNZB to automatically handle all the PAR sets in your Queue.

Instructions: On the Queue window, select the first PAR2 file. On the Par Job Manager window, click the upper “Copy From Queue” button. Then go back to the Queue window and select all of the files associated with the PAR2 file. Then click the lower “Copy From Queue” button on the Par Job Manager window. Repeat this procedure for each PAR set you have.

As SuperNZB downloads files, it will check to see if it has all of the files in the Par job – the file in the top list of the Par Job Manager, and all of the files in the lower list. Once it has them all, it will launch a PAR window, which will in turn launch a RAR window if there are RAR files involved.

How do you know what files to add to a Par Job? Normally, they will have similar names, blahblahblah.par2, blahblahblah.rar, blahblahblah.vol000+01.PAR2, etc. So, you would create the Par Job with the blahblahblah.par2 file, and then add all of the other files that begin with “blahblahblah”. If you make a mistake, nothing bad will happen. The PAR window might tell you that you are missing files, but you can just re-start it manually if needed. But selecting the appropriate files isn’t that hard and you will quickly get the hang of it.

You can use the Par Job Manager at the same time as the Rar Job Manager, and the Move Job Manager, but don’t use the same file in more than on job.

The Job Managers don’t work unless they are open. So, if you have to re-start SuperNZB, make sure to re-open whatever manager windows you are using.

Only one PAR job can run at a time, and only one RAR job. So if all of your files get downloaded before the first PAR job finishes, SuperNZB will wait until the first PAR job finishes before it starts the next one. The same is true for RAR jobs.

When any of the Job Managers are open, SuperNZB will not perform its default post-processing as noted in the top section of this page.

When you are done downloading and all of your jobs are finished, go ahead and delete them.