SuperNZB – PAR Decoder

SuperNZB’s PAR Decoder can be opened via the Open PAR Decoder command on the File Menu.

SuperNZB will automatically open this window when it has finished downloading an NZB that contains PAR files. You can also use this window to apply PAR files that you have downloaded with other programs. In most cases, SuperNZB will do everything automatically, and all you will need to do is close this window when it finishes applying the PAR files.

To manually process PAR files, click the Select PAR File button and choose a .par, .par2, or .p01 file. You may also drag-and-drop a PAR file from your desktop onto this button to trigger it.

The program will first load in and examine the PAR files in the set. Then it will load and examine each of the protected files, such as RARs, AVIs, etc. If any files need to be repaired, it will do the calculations necessary, fix the files, and then re-examine them. Watch the status line at the bottom of the window to see when the process is complete.

Inside the SuperNZB folder you will see a program called par2.exe on Windows, and par2 on the Mac. This program is provided by the inventor of PAR, and SuperNZB will launch it to do the decoding. If you close SuperNZB in the middle of a large PAR job, the PAR program will still be running and you may want to kill it off. You can do that by using the Task Manager on Windows, or the Activity Monitor on the Mac. If you are handy at the command line, you can also use the PAR program from there. On the Mac, you might need to adjust your security settings to allow SuperNZB to launch par2.