yEnc Decoder – NewzToolz

The yEnc decoder can be opened by clicking the Decode yEnc File button on the main NewzToolz window.

Purpose: This tool is for decoding files that you probably have downloaded from Usenet. It can also decode the UU and Base-64 files found in newsgroups.


Click the Select yEnc File button and choose a file. You will be allowed to pick any file you want, so make sure to select one that you know contains yEnc, UU, or Base-64 data. You can also drag-and-drop files from your desktop onto the button.

Single files can be decoded with this window. If you have a large file comprised of several parts, use the Glue Files Together tool. If you copy-and-paste such files together by hand, they may not be decoded properly here. If you still want to do it like that, make sure to remove any header and footer data from each file as you paste them together.

The name of the encoded file will be extracted from the file you select, and the decoded file will be created with that name in the same folder. When finished, you can use the Open/Play button to look at the file. The Open Folder button will open on your desktop the folder where the decoded file is.