Posting Profiles – NewzToolz

The Profiles window can be opened via the Setup Menu on the Usenet newsgroup Reader in NewzToolz.

Profiles are used when you post messages to newsgroups. You can keep one identity, or have several to use in different groups.

Name – can be anything you want and does not show up in your posts. You only use it to select which profile you want to use.

From – is what shows up in the “from” or “poster” column of newsreader programs. Some Usenet servers demand a particular format for this, and some allow almost anything. If your server rejects your post, try to format it like this:

Your name <>

(Note: there should be a ‘left angle bracket’ a.k.a. a less-than sign to the left of the email address above. If you don’t see that, then your browser has bug.)

Headers – can be many things. For example, if you didn’t want your posts to be archived, you could enter:

X-No-Archive: Yes

Signature – is what shows up at the bottom of your post. This is where you would put your name, web site, phone number, and all the other things that you don’t want to keep typing over and over.