NewzToolz – NZB Downloader

The NewzToolz NZB Downloader can be opened by clicking the Download NZB File button on the Newsgroups tab of the main window.

Purpose: This window is for downloading files from newsgroups that are pointed to by NZB files. If you have never used an NZB file, take a look at our NZB FAQ page.


Click the Select NZB File button and pick an NZB file. You may also drag-and-drop a file from your desktop onto this button to trigger it.

NewzToolz must “parse” the NZB file after you select it. This can take some time depending on how large it is. Watch the progress bar at the bottom of the window.

When the parsing finishes, you will see a list of all the files in the NZB. You can re-arrange them in the list by dragging-and-dropping to move them up or down. Click the
Start button to begin downloading. You don’t have to download everything in one session. You can start and stop the process as often as you need to.

NewzToolz will store the parts in the NZBParts folder inside the NZB folder. You can open that folder on your desktop via the File menu. If you decide that you do not want to finish downloading the NZB, you should go into the NZBParts and NZBDownloads folders and throw away all the files there.

When it has all the parts for one file, NewzToolz will assemble them, decode the finished file, put it in the NZBDownloads folder, and delete the part files. At this point, you can use the finished file, though it is better to leave it in the NZBDownloads folder until all the files are downloaded.

When everything is done, NewzToolz will open the NZBDownloads folder on your desktop. Depending on what kind of files were in the NZB, you may need to use the PAR and RAR windows to wrap things up.

You can download NZBs from just about any news server. You can get errors from the server if the NZB is very old and the posts have already expired, or if the server does not carry the newsgroup(s) listed in the NZB. It is also common for news servers to have poor “completion”, which means that not all the posts listed in the NZB will be where they are supposed to be on the server. If you get a lot of server errors, you should consider signing up with a premium news service such as Easynews.