Newsgroups List – NewzToolz

To see the list of Usenet newsgroups in NewzToolz, click the Select button on the Groups Window.

This is where you download the list of available newsgroups from your Usenet server.

Like a web server that may have only a few pages, or many pages, news servers may have only a few newsgroups, or over 100,000. The list of newsgroups is always changing as the Usenet admin adds and removes newsgroups. So the only way to see what newsgroups your server has is to download the list, and periodically check to see which new groups have been added.

The first time you use this window, you will want to click the Download List button. Once the list is downloaded, you will want to find some newsgroups of interest. To do that, type a word into the Show Groups Containing box and click Search. Then select the newsgroup(s) you want by using the standard list-selection methods.

Now you need to copy your newsgroup(s) to the Groups window. You do that by dragging the newsgroup(s) from this window, and dropping them onto the list of the Groups window. Once you have done that, you can click each group on the Groups window and type in a nickname for each one.

Periodically, you should click the New Newsgroups tab and use the Check for New Newsgroups button. New groups are always being created. For example, when there is a new hit TV show, fans will create a group so that they can discuss it.

If you have access to more than one Usenet server, you do not always have to download the list from each. If you are using a common newsgroup, you can assume that it will exist on both servers. However, if you select a group from the list of the first server, and then try to access it on the Reader using the second server, you may get an error message. In that case, you can download the list for the second server and see if the group is there. If it is not, contact your ISP and ask them to add it. It is not a big deal to do so, and your ISP will usually be happy to add it.