How to Post to Usenet Newsgroups with NewzToolz

To post files to Usenet with NewzToolz, click the “Newsgroups” tab on the program’s main window, and then click the “Post Large Files” button. That will open up the Poster, which is explained below.

One of the reasond to post to a Usenet newsgroup is to make friends so that they will post the files that you need. For more info, please see: How to Get the Files You Need from Usenet.

Quick Start:

  1. Set the server and newsgroup you want to post to with the pop-up menus at the top.
  2. Type a description of the files you will be posting into the “Note For Part 0” field.
  3. Drag-and-drop the files you want to post from your desktop to the “Files” list.
  4. Click the Start button.

Servers – Some ISPs require that you first get permission to post. If you get errors such as “No posting allowed”, then call your ISP. You may also see such a message when your ISP is doing maintenance on the server. In that case, try again later.

Newsgroups – You can type any newsgroup into the Groups box – it does not need to be in the pop-up menu. When you select a group in the pop-up menu, it will be copied into the Groups box. Make sure to only post to groups that have “binaries” in their name.

Subject – Enter something such as “Here are some files.” Don’t make the subject too long because the program will be adding to it. It will add the filename, the part information, and the file information. So, if you are posting 8 large files, the subject of the first post will look like this:

Here are some files – [1/8] – "File1.avi" yEnc (01/28)

Note For Part 0 – “Part Zero” is a post that doesn’t contain a file, but rather a description of the files you are posting. Leave this box blank if you don’t want this extra post. Otherwise, you can enter info such as how you can be contacted, how many files there will be, how fast you will be posting them, what the user needs to play them, etc.

The Files List – You add files to this list by dragging-and-dropping them from your desktop. The program will post them in the same order as they appear in the list. You can change the order by clicking on the column headings to sort by that column. You can also drag-and-drop files within the list to move them up or down. Use the Remove Files button to take files out of the list – it will remove all the files that are selected, so you can remove more than one at at time.

The Format Note Button – If you type a lot of text into the Note box, use this button to see what it will look like when it is posted. It will reformat the text so that each line is 80 characters long, or less, unless the line contains a URL; in that case it will not break the line. If you don’t want your text automatically reformatted, use the Return/Enter key as you type and keep your line-lengths short.

Resuming – If you lose your network connection, your computer crashes, or the power goes off, NewzToolz will be able to resume posting. When you start it back up, the “Start” button will become the “Resume” button. It will bring up a wizard that helps you figure out whether or not the last post made it to the server.

The Open Log Button – NewzToolz keeps a log of all the posts it sends. This is needed for when a session is interrupted and you need to re-start it at the right point. Once your files are all successfully posted, you can open the log window and delete all the entries. Or you can leave them there for as long as you want.

Encoding – Small files, such as pictures, that only require one post, are UU encoded so that people using Outlook Express can see them. Larger files are encoded with yEnc.