File Downloader – NewzToolz

The file downloader opens up when you use the Download File command on the Commands Menu of the NewzToolz Reader window.

The Downloader will open a connection to the Usenet server and begin to download the file you have selected. You don’t need to do anything other than let it run, and you can do other things in NewzToolz while the Downloader is running.

The Downloader shows the name of the file it is downloading at the top of the window.

The lower bar shows you the progress of the current post being downloaded. The top bar shows you the overall progress.

The Downloader will store posts in the Downloads folder within the NewzToolz folder. If you change your mind about downloading the file and close the Downloader before it is done, you may want to go into the Downloads folder and throw away the files there.

As the Downloader works, it shows you four statistics:

  • “mb:” shows you the total number of megabytes it has downloaded so far.
  • “Speed kbps” shows the speed of the current post being downloaded.
  • “Peak” shows the fastest speed during the life-cycle of this Downloader.
  • At the far right, the time is shown. While the Downloader is running, the time is the estimated time remaining. When the downloading is finished, the time changes to the total elapsed time.

The two speed numbers are calculated in kilobits per second, which corresponds to the speed ratings of modems and internet connections. So, if you have 1.5 megabit connection, you should see the speed approach 1500, and the peak occasionally exceed that. However, many ISP’s throttle their news servers, which means that they make them run slower to save on bandwidth costs. So, if your ISP has sold you a 1.5 megabit connection, but their server never exceeds 250kbps, then that is probably the cause. You can try complaining to your ISP, but if they don’t help you out, you can subscribe to an un-throttled third-party Usenet server such as Easynews, which will be much, much faster.

Sometimes the peak number will be higher than what your internet connection is rated for – the cause of that is data compression. The actual amount of bits coming through your pipe cannot exceed the limit, but if the data is compressed before being sent, then the actual data you receive can be larger than the limit. This compression is done by the modems automatically whenever conditions permit.

Once the Downloader has all the parts, it assembles them into one large file, and then decodes that file into the finished file. The progress of these two operations is shown on the lower bar. Then the Downloader will put the message: “All done!” at the lower-left of the window and open the Downloads folder on your desktop. Then you can double click on the file to use it.