NewzScape’s Security Password

To change NewzScape’s security password, go to:

Setup menu -> Settings -> Security

When you enter a password here, NewzScape will ask for it when it starts up. On Windows, it will also ask for it when the program is made visible again after being minimized. The latter feature cannot be implemented on the Mac because OS X does not tell a program when it is about to be made visible, but only that it was made visible. By that time, the person will have already seen your Downloaders and other windows.

This is a low-level barrier that is suitable for deterring the mildly curious, but not the determined.

If you forget the password, go into your NewzScape folder and throw away the NewzScape.sdb file. When you restart the program, you will have to setup your servers, newsgroups, etc. again.

The password can be any string of letters, numbers, and spaces.

To remove the security password, erase both and click the Save button.

Note For Windows Users: If you are using Silent-Start and the Security Password, and had NewzScape maximized when you last closed the program, NewzScape will start up minimized the next time, and ask you for the password. However, after you enter the password, it will not ask for it again the first time you maximize the program. In other words, if you leave it minimized in this situation, somebody could come along, click on it in the task bar and see it. So, after starting the program and entering the password, you should maximize it and then minimize it again if you will not be using it immediately. Also, you will be asked for your password when the window is maximized and you go back to non-maximized. This happens because NewzScape only knows that the window is being “restored”. Windows doesn’t tell it if the window was previously minimized or maximized. To work around this annoyance, you can size the window so that is very large instead of maximizing.