NewzScape’s Reason Log

To open NewzScape’s Reason Log, click the Settings button on the Downloader, then click the Reason Log tab, and then click the Open Reason Log button.

As NewzScape processes the posts in a Usenet newsgroup, many things can happen. In some cases, you will be unsure as to what the program did with a post. If you have the Reason Log turned on, you will be able to look up the post in question and see why the program did what it did.

When you click the Start button on the Downloader, the Reason Log for that Downloader will be cleared. The data will remain until you next start the Downloader, or until you clear it manually via the Clear and Clear All buttons on the Reason Log window.

If you use the Reason Log extensively, it will write a lot of data into your NewzScape.sdb database file. So, you may want to use the Compact Database command on the File menu from time-to-time.

If you have the Reason Log window open while your Downloader is running, it will not be automatically updated. So, to see new entries, click the Refresh button.

If NewzScape was able to create a file from the post, you can select that post in the list, and then use the Open Folder or Open File buttons to look at the file. Look in the right-most column, and if you see a filename there then that means a file was created. Keep in mind that files saved in the Parts folder are stored as text until all of them are found, combined, and decoded into the finished file.