NewzScape’s Preview-Posts Feature

To use NewzScape’s Preview feature, make your Downloader the top window, go onto the Commands menu and select “Preview Posts”. Once the Preview window is open, click Scan on the Downloader.

When NewzScape finds a post it would normally download, it will stop and wait for you to decide. The Preview window will turn from red to green, and if you click the “Current Post” tab on the Downloader, you will see the message-headers for the post.

If you click Skip, the program will skip the post and bring up the next one. If you click Download, the post will be downloaded and then the program will proceed to the next one.

During this process, all of your other filters are still in effect. For example, if you have a Suppress Keyword setup for a prolific spammer, NewzScape will rapidly skip by those posts and the Preview window won’t turn green again until it has found a post that has passed all the filters.

If you click Download on a post containing a picture, you can click the Viewer tab on the Downloader after it is done to see the picture. However, if the post is part of a multi-part post, you will see the last complete picture that was downloaded in the Viewer. So, if you download a single-part JPEG, and the next three posts are for a large, three-part JPEG, the picture shown in the Viewer won’t change until you have downloaded all three parts.

NewzScape will also delete files that you tell it to download if you have the DupeNuker setting on and the file has been downloaded before. Because of this, the filters, and multi-part posts, it can be confusing trying to follow all of the things that the program is doing. So, we recommend that you keep the Reason Log open, and click the Refresh button to see what the program has done with recent posts.

As you are previewing, you can also quickly suppress undesirable posters. If you don’t like the message-headers and will skip the post, you can also use the “Suppress This Poster” button to create a Suppress Keyword for the current poster. The Global Keywords window will open up so you can see that the keyword has been added.

Using the “Suppress Last Poster” button allows you to, for example, download a picture and if you don’t like it, suppress the poster. This is needed because the next post may be from a different poster. To double-check exactly which poster will be suppressed, hover the mouse over the suppress buttons and you will see the email address in the help text.

After using one of the Suppress buttons, you must then use either the Skip or Download button to continue.

You can activate the Download button with the Return key, and the Cancel button with the Escape (Esc) key, but only when the Preview window is the top window. If you click on the Downloader to switch between the Viewer, Stats, and Current-Post tabs, you will need to click on the Preview window to bring it to the top to use the keys again. Also, if you have the Panic Button feature turned on, pressing the Escape key will exit the program if the Preview window is not on top.

Note: This feature was added in version 1.1.0.