The NewzScape Parts Monitor

The Parts Monitor can be opened from NewzScape’s Tools menu.

On the Parts Monitor, you will see a list of each folder you are using to store part files. If a folder is being used by many newsgroups, it will only be listed once here. With a high-speed internet connection, NewzScape can download large amounts of data very quickly. So, it pays to keep on eye on your parts folders.

The Open button will open on your desktop the folder selected in the list.

The Refresh button will re-calculate the totals for all folders. These numbers change constantly as your Downloaders save more files, or remove files when a file is completed.

There are various reasons why some parts will be left over: poor completion on your Usenet server, the poster didn’t complete the post, the parts were just “fills”, etc. Because of this, you can have NewzScape automatically delete part files after a certain amount of time. Click the check box to turn on this feature, and fill in a number in the “days”, box. The vast majority of posts will be completed in no more than a few days, so five is a good number to enter here. If you have a lot of disk space, you can make the number much larger if you want. The automatic deletion will begin one minute after you start up NewzScape and then every 24 hours after that.

You can manually delete old parts with the Delete Now button whenever you like.

It is not a good idea to store other files in your parts folders.

When the program deletes part files, it checks that the filename ends with “.txt”, and that it has a “-p” starting at the eleventh letter from the right since that is how it names the files in the first place. This check makes it very unlikely that the program will delete files that it did not create, but you should still not store any other files in these folders.