NewzScape’s Global Keywords

To access NewzScape’s global keywords, go to: Setup Menu -> Keywords

“Global” means that these keywords will be applied to every post that NewzScape processes, in every Usenet newsgroup on every Downloader.

Keywords are not case-sensitive. Both “cat” and “CAT” will match a post with the subject: “Here Are Some Cat Pictures,” so you can type your keywords in any way you like.

Any occurrence of the keyword will cause a match. So if you have “cat” as a subject keyword, it will match a post with “Caterpillar” in the subject.

“Suppress” keywords will cause posts containing those words to be skipped. You can create separate keywords for the subject and the poster. If somebody is annoying you with their posts, make a suppress-by-poster keyword using the email address they post with. If there are a lot of off-topic posts in your favorite newsgroup, you can create suppress-by-subject keywords to filter them out. For example, if people were posting pictures of dogs in a cat newsgroup, you could create suppress-by-subject keywords such as: “dog”, “shepherd”, etc.

“Select” keywords will cause only posts containing those keywords to be downloaded. If you have “Cindy Crawford” as a keyword and you are scanning the supermodels newsgroup, NewzScape will download far fewer posts than it normally does. If you then wanted to download a different supermodel, you would have to change the keyword, and then set the newsgroup’s Starting Point back to zero to tell NewzScape to re-scan the group from the beginning.

You can quickly turn a keyword on or off by clicking on the words “on” or “off” in the “On/Off” column.

You can make changes here while you have Downloaders running. The changes will take affect immediately.

Posts must satisfy all the keywords you create. If you have 10 suppress keywords and 5 select keywords, a post will only be downloaded if it does not contain any of the 10 suppress keywords and does contain all of the 5 select keywords.