Add File Types to NewzScape

NewzScape’s File Types can be accessed from the Setup Menu.

Usenet’s original design was for text messages, and there was no facility to attach files or post them separately. To this day, there is no “filename” message-header, and filenames are put someplace in the subject. The filename is usually included in the body of the first post, but if you want to determine if a post contains a file from the headers, you still have to look for the filename in the subject.

NewzScape does this by scanning the subject for file extensions. So, it will look for a “.mpg” and then a “.mov” and then a “.gif”, etc. until it finds something it recognizes. Then it examines the text before and after the extension to try and extract the filename, the part number, and the total number of parts.

Therefore, the purpose of the File Types is to provide NewzScape with a list of file extensions to look for. The program comes with defaults, however new file types are always popping up, so once in a while you may need to add a new one.

If you no longer want to download a certain type of file, you can delete the type, or you can click inside the “On/Off” column to turn it off. Clicking it again, will turn it back on. You can enter any file extension.