Downloader Cycling – NewzScape

To change NewzScape’s cycling settings, click the Settings button on the Downloader and then click the Cycling tab.

Many newsgroups have huge numbers of files that take awhile to run through. Suppose that you setup three newsgroups: blondes, brunettes, and redheads, and then start NewzScape downloading. If the blondes newsgroup has 10,000 files in it, you wouldn’t get any brunettes or redheads for awhile.

If you turn the cycling setting on, you can tell NewzScape to get a few files from each newsgroup and then go to the next newsgroup. That way you can get a variety of files without having to wait until the program caught up all of your newsgroups.

NewzScape actually counts posts instead of files. So, in the case where there are large files that consist of multiple posts, it is possible that you will not get any completed files on any particular pass through the newsgroup. For example, suppose that the blondes newsgroup has many single-post pictures, but also some larger pictures that consist of two or three posts. If you have NewzScape set to download 5 posts on each pass, sometimes you will get 5 pictures, but other times you will get fewer. The parts are stored, so if large file is not completed on one pass, it will be on a future pass.