NewzScape’s Download Folders

To manage the folders were NewzScape saves parts and completed files, go onto the Setup menu and then to Download Folders.

This window will list all of your downloads- and parts folders on all of your Downloaders so that you can make mass changes very rapidly.


  • This feature was added in v1.0.2.
  • It is OK to use the same folder for both parts and downloads, but it is not a good idea if you are using any of the Parts Monitor features.
  • Leaving a folder blank will cause files to be stored in the default folders, which you can find via the “Open App Data Folder” command on the Help menu.

Use the two “Show” buttons at the top to select which folders you want to work on.

The Set Folder(s) button will let you select a folder, and will then assign it to all the newsgroups that you have selected in the list.

The Clear Folders(s) button will erase the folders for all the newsgroups you have selected.

The Open Folder button will open the folder of the selected newsgroup onto your desktop.

The Copy Folder button will copy the folder of the selected newsgroup so that you can assign it to other newsgroups with the Paste Folder button.

You can have NewzScape make folders for you. It will create a folder using the name of the newsgroup within the folder shown at the bottom. Only one “Parent” folder at a time is shown, but there are two and they change when you switch the setting at the top of the window to “downloads” or “parts”.

Use the Select button to choose a parent folder. Use the Open button to show it on your desktop.

When you click the Make Folder(s) button, NewzScape will create folders for each newsgroup selected in the list.