JpegJet – Setup Usenet Servers

Location in JpegJet: Setup Menu -> Setup News Servers

Use this window to enter the information for all the news servers to which you have access. You only need one Usenet “news” server to use JpegJet.

You can enter any descriptive name into the Name box.

In the Server URL box, you can enter the URL or IP address of the server. The URL should look something like this: An IP address is four numbers separated by dots, such as: 123.456.789.012. Normally, using the URL is fine. You only need to resort to the IP address if JpegJet has trouble finding the server.

If the news server requires a username and password, enter them here. Otherwise, leave those two boxes blank. If the server does not require a username and password, and you enter something anyway, it may cause logon problems.

The standard news-server port is 119, though your ISP can change that.

Only your ISP or Usenet provider can tell you what to enter for Server URL, Username, Password, and Port. If for some reason you can’t obtain the information, and can’t wait to get going, you can sign-up with Easynews.

The servers that you enter here will show up in the pop-up menu on the Downloader.