JpegJet – DupeNuker Settings

Location in JpegJet: Setup Menu -> Settings -> DupeNuker

DupeNuker technology is designed to automatically detect and remove spam. When you turn this option on, JpegJet will calculate a very small ‘fingerprint’ for each picture it downloads and will store the fingerprints in a database file. If after downloading a picture, JpegJet finds its fingerprint in the database, it will automatically delete it. So, no picture will show up in your Downloads folder more than once, and you won’t have to waste time removing duplicate copies of pictures that you already have, or the zillions of copies that spammers post.

If you use this feature and watch the statistics on this window, you will see that over time, a large percentage of the files found in newsgroups have been posted many times.

When you have this setting turned on, JpegJet will use the database file specified on this window. You may want to change this setting if you need to store the database file at a different location. Also, if you are using our DupeNuker stand-alone product, you can use this setting to tell JpegJet to use the DupeNuker.sdb database file.

If you already have a large collection of pictures and want to add them to the fingerprints database, you will need to download DupeNuker.