The JpegJet Downloader

The Downloader is the main window in JpegJet. To add or remove newsgroups, go onto the “Setup” menu and then to “Newsgroups”. You can add as many newsgroups as you want to the Downloader. You can change the order in which they appear in the list by going to “Newsgroups Order” on the “Setup” menu.

When you click the “Start Downloading” button, JpegJet will begin with the newsgroup that is selected in the list. Once it has finished that group, it will go to the next one.

JpegJet begins downloading from the very beginning of a group. If you want to change that, go onto the “Setup” menu and then to “Newsgroups Start”. For a few more options, go to “Newsgroup Settings” also on the “Setup” menu.

When JpegJet downloads a picture, it will show it in the “Viewer” window. If you don’t want to display pictures, you can turn this feature off via the command on the “File” menu.

The “Last Post Downloaded” number shows the sequence number of the last post that JpegJet processed. For further information about this number, go to “Newsgroups Start” on the “Setup” menu.

If you are experiencing a problem with JpegJet as it downloads, you can turn on the “Debug Mode” option on the “File” menu and the program will create a log file of everything it does. You can then send that file to us. The name of the file is Debug.txt. On the Mac, you will find it in your JpegJet folder. On Windows, use the “Open App Data Folder” command on the “Help” menu to find the right folder.

Make sure to see the “Settings” window on the “Setup” menu for further options.