SuperNZB – Hold Window

SuperNZB’s Hold window can be opened via the File Menu.

If you don’t want to download all the files listed in an NZB file, you can clear them from the Queue window using the Clear button. However, sometimes you aren’t sure. For example, when downloading a RAR/PAR set, you can’t tell in advance if you will need the PAR files. You can clear them from the Queue, but to get them back in you would have to re-load the entire NZB file, which can be annoying.

So, instead of clearing the files from the Queue, you can put them in the “Hold.” Use the Move From Queue button to move the selected files from the Queue window. If you later want to download the files, use the Move To Queue button to move them back. If you don’t want to download them, use the Clear or Clear All buttons to remove them.

You need to stop the Downloader to move files in or out of the Queue.