SuperNZB – Folder Settings

SuperNZB’s folder settings are located at:

Setup Menu > Settings > Folders

SuperNZB can store part files and completed files in any folder you want. Use the select buttons here to select the appropriate folders.

While the program is downloading, it is best to not remove files from these two folders. If you have to stop downloading for some reason, SuperNZB will look in these two folders when you start it up again. It will see what is there, and resume downloading what is not. So, if you move some files out, the program will download them again.

If you want to move files out of the Downloads folder, you can do so as soon as SuperNZB finishes them. If you need to stop and re-start the program, you should then use the Clear button to remove them from the list on the Queue window so that they will not be downloaded again.

If you stop a download before it is done, such as when you don’t need the remaining PAR files, there may be some left over part files in the Parts folder. So, it is a good idea from time-to-time to clean out any such files. You can open the Parts folder via the Commands menu. When you are done downloading everything in the Queue list, you can assume any files left in the Parts folder can be thrown away.