MP3 Files

What are MP3 files?

MP3 files contain music and other audio such as radio talk shows, comedy etc. They are popular because they compress music down to a very small size while maintaining quality.

How do I play MP3 files?

Use Windows Media Player, or iTunes on the Macintosh. Both programs are free. The most popular portable player is the Apple iPod.

How do I copy MP3 files from a CD into my computer?

Start up Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes. Then put your CD into your computer. Both programs will copy the songs from the CD to your hard disk.

How do I burn MP3 files from my computer to a CD?

Both Windows Media Player and Apple iTunes can burn CD’s flawlessly, but don’t play any video games while you are burning.

How can I make or edit MP3 files?

Isn’t it annoying when a band puts a long period of silence at the beginning, middle, or end of a song? There you are rocking on with your bad self and the dumb-ass, pretentious band harshes your buzz. Well guess what? You are the boss now. With a great program like GoldWave, you can chop out the dead spots and save a new copy of the song. You can also make your own MP3’s by recording from a microphone, stereo input, etc.