Bin/Cue Files

Sometimes people post video in bin/cue format. To convert these files into MPEG files that you can play, do this:


  1. Download the freeware program vcdgear.
  2. Set Extraction/Conversion to “cue/bin -> mpeg”.
  3. Click the “load” button and select your .bin file.
  4. Set your filename and location for the new file in the next dialog box, and click “Save”.
  5. Click the “Start” button, and your new MPEG file will be created in a few minutes.

Bin/Cue files are usually ripped from DVD’s and Windows Media Player will sometimes have trouble playing them. If you have that problem, see our Fix Movies page for some other programs that do a better job of playing these files.


You have two options:

  1. ffmpegX
  2. vcdgear