How to Use WinRar Explained in Plain English

If you are using one of our programs, such as Super-NZB, and it fails to extract files from a RAR archive, don’t panic! WinRar and MacPar are very easy to use.

Windows Instructions
Click here to download WinRar. Once you have the trial version installed, double-click on one of your RAR files and WinRar will start up. You can select the file(s) contained in the archive and drag it(them) to your desktop. WinRAR will give you a zillion error messages, even on perfectly good files, so you can almost always ignore them.

Mac OS X Instructions
Click here to download MacPar Deluxe. Once you have it installed, all you need to do is double-click on one of your RAR files. MacPar Deluxe will start up and extract the files from the archive automatically.

Note: If the extraction fails, click the RAR link above and read further about RAR files. You are probably missing some segments of the RAR archive and need to download them.