How to Glue Files Together

Do you have a bunch of MP3 files that you want to glue together (concatenate) into one file? Maybe an audiobook that comes in dozens of files, and you don’t want to go through the struggle to get all the tracks onto your iPod? You can easily glue the MP3‘s together with our free NewzToolz program.

Not all file formats can be simply glued together. For example, most video formats cannot. AVI videos can be compressed with different codecs, and use different audio-encoding methods, and gluing AVI’s together will not work. To combine such files, you would need a video-editing program. If you don’t want to do all that work, you can use our WatchFast program, which will play all the AVI’s in a row.

While MP3 files can usually be glued together with no problem, occasionally you will find some that act weird. For example, a five-hour long file will only appear as one hour on your iPod. In these cases you can use an audio-editing program like GoldWave, which is not too hard for average people to use. If you open the troublesome MP3 with GoldWave, and then save it into a new file, GoldWave will re-write the data in the proper format.