How to Get the Files You Need from Usenet

If you don’t see the file you want in your favorite Usenet newsgroup, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get it. Most newsgroups have a group of regular participants who have large collections of files that they are willing to share.

First, you can simply request the file. Post a message to the group politely asking for what you want. If you have never posted to a newsgroup, you can do so with our free NewzToolz program. If somebody posts the file for you, make sure to thank them. If not, give it a couple of days, and if nobody posts you can ask again.

If asking doesn’t work, then you can become a regular and start to make friends. You should read-and-respond to discussion posts in the newsgroup, and contribute files of your own. You can post any kind of file, no matter how large, with NewzToolz. Before posting to the newsgroup, make sure to practice in alt.binaries.test first. Nobody cares if you make a mistake in that newsgroup. After you post your file to alt.binaries.test, download it and make sure that it is OK. Then you can post it to the real newsgroup.

Once you have made some friends in the newsgroup, people will be much more likely to respond to your requests.