Step 2 – Test Server

This page explains ezNZB’s “Step 2 – Test Your Server Connection” screen. You can ask a question at the bottom of the page.

If you have entered your server information on the “Step 1” screen, go ahead and click the “Test” button. You only need to do this after entering/changing your server info. You do not need to connect to the server here before downloading a new NZB file.

If you don’t get the “Connected to Server” message, there are several possibilities as to the cause:

  1. You have a typo in the server URL, username, or password.
  2. You have the wrong port number entered.
  3. You have the right port number, but the wrong SSL setting.
  4. Your server account has been disabled due to non-payment or a rules violation.

If you can’t see any obvious problems, call your service provider and go over your account info with them. Some ISP’s will actually re-arrange their Usenet setup and not notify their customers. So, it is possible for things to stop working without you changing anything in your setup.

Also, many companies don’t automatically pick up new expiration dates on your credit card, and will just stop billing you and shut off your account. So, if you recently got a new card in the mail, that could be the problem.

You can send us a transcript of the dialog between ezNZB and the server, and maybe we can spot the problem. To do that, go onto ezNZB’s “Help” menu, and then to “Test News Server“. Click the “Connect” button, and you will see some text appear in the box. Copy-and-Paste that into the reply box at the bottom of this page, and we will take a look at it.