Step 5 – Download

This page explains ezNZB’s “Step 5 – Download” screen. You can ask a question down at the bottom of the page.

Click the “Show Files” button to see the list of files contained in the NZB file that you imported in the previous step. If you keep the list open, and the “Refresh Automatically” box checked, ezNZB will update the list as it downloads. Click the “Start” button and watch the “Parts Done” column.

If you are downloading a large file, you can stop ezNZB and restart it later if needed. And you don’t have to re-import the NZB file. You can go directly to Step 5 and resume downloading.

When the download is complete, ezNZB will open the Downloads folder where you will see the completed file. But if your NZB contains multiple files, you can go to Step 6 while ezNZB is still downloading. On Step 6, you can click the “Open Downloads Folder” button and start using the completed files while the rest are still being downloaded. However, don’t move any PAR or RAR files out of the Downloads folder because ezNZB needs them all in one place when it is ready to process them.

If the NZB contains PAR files, ezNZB will open a PAR window and do the error checking. If you have RAR files, ezNZB will then open a RAR window and start to extract the files within the RAR.